How do you deal with a caregiver burden?

Tips for managing stress for caregivers Ask for and accept help. Make a list of ways other people can help you. Focus on what you can do. Caregiver burden is a global term used to describe the physical, emotional and financial cost of providing care 7.Numerous questionnaires have been developed to quantify the largely subjective domain of the burden that caregivers represent, but the scale most used in studies on the burden of caregivers is the scale most used in studies on the burden of caregivers (figure).

The institutionalization of patients with dementia was delayed 329 days in the group of intervention caregivers, compared to the group of caregivers who did not receive counseling or other forms of support. The three key attributes of the burden of caregivers identified in the literature are self-perception, multifaceted tension and the passage of time. Compassion fatigue occurs when a caregiver assumes the emotional stress and trauma of a person in their care. Therefore, it is recommended that future studies focus on specific types of illness or illness to gain a more accurate understanding of the concept of burden on the caregiver in relation to the disease and the condition of the patients.

The literature concluded that caregiver burden is a series of negative responses that occur when assuming the role of primary caregiver. Stress is the most common synonym used by researchers to represent caregiver burden in literature. Helping the caregiver learn strategies for coping with difficulties can help reduce some of the stress the caregiver is experiencing. Because a lack of understanding about the family member's pathological process can worsen caregiver stress, the caregiver's knowledge about the disease causing dementia and available resources should be analyzed, and additional information should be provided when needed.

Caregivers often provide long-term care for loved ones in their roles as spouses, partners, and children. Compared to people who are not engaged in care, caregivers perceive that their own health status is lower. Family physicians use a systematic approach to assess the degree of burden placed on caregivers of these patients.

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